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CDK Parent Experiences

My son has been at Can Do Kids for 3 years now and this place and the staff feel like family to me. The owner is beyond

hands-on with each and every patient/family. Her swift response to emails to the many questions that come up on the journey that comes with trying to advocate for your child and get early intervention services is like NONE other I've ever experience ANYWHERE else. EVERY therapist we have had there is professional, warm and most importantly - CARING. You can feel how invested they are emotionally in your child. I feel so grateful to have found this gem many years ago.  It is the very reason my son is doing as well as he is and also the reason that I am on the EXACT right path for him to become the best he can be!!!!

-Emily S.

Our daughter, Sofia, has been a PT and OT client at CDK since she was two years old. She is now 12, and continues to have PT with CDK’s tirelessly dedicated Lori Annes. Dr. Annes has devoted not only all her professional expertise to Sofia’s growth and expansion of skills, but tremendous amounts of her emotion and humanity, as well – the same emotion, humanity, and skills she dedicates to the running of the practice. Put simply, Can Do Kids is a practice composed of the most dedicated, capable, and loving Physical and Occupational therapists I have seen anywhere, or that I could summon, via my imagination. It is one of my family’s most clear-cut pieces of good fortune to have found Dr. Annes and Can Do Kids. 

-Evan H.

Our daughter has a very rare chromosomal duplication and she's been at Can Do Kids for PT, OT, and ST, since she was

about 5 months old. Our son has been at CDK for ST and OT for the past couple of years...and we can not praise Dr. Annes and her incredible team enough. From her amazing team of therapists to the front and back office admin...everyone has been stellar and we are so grateful for everything they've done for our kids and family. They say, "It takes a village" and for the past 5 1/2 years or so, Can Do Kids has been our village.

-The S. Family


My daughter has utilized PT and OT services at Can Do Kids for several years.  There are so many wonderful things about CDK. The director Lori Annes works tirelessly with insurance companies, taking much of the burden off of the parent. She is in constant communication with families, which cultivates trust and a team dynamic. CDK tries their best to accommodate the needs of families through thoughtful scheduling and therapist continuity from year to year. It is a relaxed and productive environment filled with smiles and high fives.  The facility is a FUN place for kids! From the endless amounts of toys and games that children can incorporate into their therapies to the amazing physical structures that populate the big room, kids have a great time climbing, balancing, moving, and growing.  And the therapists. The therapists are truly wonderful. I have learned so much by watching Vince and Clarisa work with my daughter. Children with extra needs need to be truly seen by their teachers and therapists. People who can meet the child where they are and move them forward with consistency, patience, and grace; these are the therapists at Can Do Kids. Seeing my daughter work so hard to conquer goals, reach milestones, and achieve firsts has been absolutely uplifting and inspiring.  Thank you Can Do Kids!

-Kristen F.


Can Do Kids has been a lifesaver for us. Our son was diagnosed as autistic about a year ago. We were looking for a place that put our son and his needs first. CDK is this place! Lori the owner of CDK has gone above and beyond for our son and family. I CAN NOT say enough wonderful things about her! She is kind, professional and just an overall wonderful person! She has so so much knowledge in the special needs field and is a true ally to kids of the special needs community! CDK has been flexible with scheduling. Have listened to my concerns as a parent. And over all supported our family in supporting our son. The staff is kind, caring, professional and awesome at what they do! Our son's speech therapist(Caitlin) and occupational therapist(Melissa) are some of the best in the field! They are great at catering to our sons specific needs. They always make sessions fun, while also challenging him the right amount. I have seen tremendous growth in our son from the time he started at CDK. From our family to yours, We highly recommend CDK!

-Simone S.


CDK has been a perfect fit for our family for the last four years.  One of our sons recently graduated from CDK's Speech and OT programs after two years of intensive work that prepared him for kindergarten.  He is now fully acclimated into a typical kindergarten classroom and is reading!  And our older son plans his entire week around when he gets to work with his Speech and Occupational therapists at CDK.  CDK's therapists are highly skilled, deeply committed to their patients and they find perfectly appropriate ways to make therapy productive and fun. I have always felt that the patients and their families are at the heart of all that the therapists and staff at CDK do and I couldn't be more grateful for all the progress and support they have facilitated for our family.

-Paola W.

“Both of my daughters have been privileged to work with both the OT and the PT therapists at CDK! The therapists’ obvious skill and knowledge, combined with their immense caring and patience, created an environment for my girls to thrive. Additionally, the front office is great at scheduling, dealing with insurance companies, and providing assistance as we negotiate the whole process. I highly recommend CDK!”

-Catherine K.

[My son] has been attending Can Do Kids for 5 months. He has grown both physically and emotionally, The staff here at Can Do Kids are helpful and kind. His PT Kristy is extremely dedicated to [my son] making his lessons fun and challenging. 

-Elisheva B.

My husband and I were scared when we first learned our baby girl had tortocollis.  We were already parents to a 3 year old, but had never heard of this condition.  I will never forget the first time we arrived at Can Do Kids and met Kristy Gurol, our therapist.  She was so kind, supportive and positive.  She handled our 4 month old with expert hands and gently stretched her neck, teaching us how to do the stretches at home.  Our PT sessions became something we looked forward to; we could see the improvement in our daughter's range of motion, and cheered as she hit her milestones.  We opted to do a doc band for plagiocephaly (a result of the tortocollis), and the staff at Can Do Kids was beyond helpful, pointing us towards resources and assisting in our initial evaluation.  It meant so much to have this support during a very emotional decision process.  During our time at Can Do Kids, we always felt our questions were met with careful thought and consideration.  Also, our daughter who is now 9 months old, loves going!  It's like she has her own personal trainer in a safe, stimulating environment.  I would highly recommend this facility to any parent. 

-Regina T.-O.

My son has been receiving occupational therapy and speech therapy at CDK for years. They have always looked at him as an individual and helped work on his specific needs. He has come a long way since he started therapy. There have been times we have had to commute an hour to get there (because of where we live), but we have always felt that it is worth the sacrifice for the treatment he is receiving. They have also been so helpful in dealing with our insurance company in order for us to be able to afford therapy. I definitely recommend Can Do Kids for therapy!

-Breanne S.

About a month ago [my son] was meeting with a physical therapist through the regional center who could only see him twice a month. I noticed he wasn’t making progress and still had many delays after a few months of therapy. I reached out to an advocate who immediately recommended Can Do Kids. Lori and her staff worked quickly with me to take on Carson as a patient. The paperwork and insurance verification process was seamless. He was put on a schedule that allowed him to see Clarisa for OT and Vince for PT twice a week. Clarisa and Vince are amazing. They immediately provided [my son] and I with the care, compassion and attention that was much appreciated. We are finishing up our third week at Can Do Kids and I have seen so many improvements in his abilities. He smiles and laughs through his sessions and is encouraged to push himself. This has carried over into his play at home also. They foster a caring environment that is enriched for growth and development. We are always greeted with smiles and kindness. Other parents share their positive experiences and give encouraging advice. Many days I cry tears of joy for all the progress these little ones make everyday. We feel like we are part of a community at CDK. We are very thankful.

-Tia B.

Can Do Kids has been a pleasure to deal with since day 1. From my initial call, I have been met with professionalism, patience, flexibility, understanding, and kindness. Lori and her team are always available to talk to and listen to my concerns or questions. We have worked with both Emily and Kristy and they are both intelligent, thoughtful, experienced, and above all, my child has made immense progress and is excited to go. I highly recommend Can Do Kids to anyone and everyone.

-Stephanie W.

My son has been a patient at CDK for 9 months, first starting in speech and then getting co-treats for occupational therapy and speech therapy. Not only has his speech improved, his confidence has grown and that has been noticeable to his teachers. In addition to his therapists, the rest of the staff is always helpful, timely, and proactive with the schedules and dealing with insurance.

-Katie S.

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