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CDK Philosophy


Can Do Kids, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary pediatric therapy clinic offering Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

Lori Annes, Ph.D. PT is the clinical owner and director who has spent the past 41 years helping children reach their highest capabilities. What makes Can Do Kids unique is the shared commitment by all professional and administrative staff to embrace collaboration with all of the people in the children’s lives. Can Do Kids is recognized for its contribution to the care of the children to whom parents, physicians and educators entrust to be collaborative partners. The professional staff at CDK has been responsible for helping parents find outstanding resources for the children even outside our clinic specialties. This philosophy has enabled many children to be diagnosed with rare genetic disorders due to the diligent interactions of our professional staff with the referring physicians to share subtle symptoms that then enable a holistic assessment and care plan for the children. We make it a priority to collaborate with the children’s parents, caregivers, physicians and teachers as it truly takes a village to help a child become their greatest self. The nature of the children we treat has changed with almost every decade and our long-standing commitment to continuing education allows our staff to stay well apprised of changing treatment strategies for optimal intervention for OT, PT and Speech. Developing the trust of the children takes a special human being. Our therapists ensure that parents feel safe to ask any questions and the children feel safe as they learn new skills and face challenges that are often overwhelming when we first begin this journey together. It is important for the children to enjoy play (a child’s true vocation) and learning in a place where they feel emotionally and physically safe.

Can Do Kids has enjoyed creating a medical clinic where our therapists have made long term commitments to helping Can Do Kids  bloom and grow with each new patient that enters our doors. Many of our staff has been with us for close to 20 years.

We look forward to welcoming your family to Can Do Kids where evidence based practice and passionate well-educated professionals offer mindful care and respect for children to provide an optimal atmosphere for growth and change!

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