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Insurance Information

Can Do Kids is contracted with many private insurance companies. During the intake process, the administrative office and/or our director will verify your insurance coverage and you will be provided with an explicit, comprehensive explanation of your coverage including deductibles, out of pocket maximums and coverage specifics for the service that we will be providing.

  • We are in network with the two largest health care insurers in CA: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of CA.

  • We are in network with the Obamacare California Coverage for each of these major insurance companies.

  • We are also in network with some HMO coverage plans.

Can Do Kids is also often able to work with other “out of network” insurance such as Aetna and United Healthcare to enable families to access our services as if they were at an In Network level of coverage. Each of these is managed by our director on a case by case basis as each insurance company has different procedures for this process.

We are also a vendor for CA for the Regional Center.  Per state law, Regional Center is the “payor of last resort.” This means that if a child is insured by a private health insurance plan and has coverage for physical, occupational, and speech therapy, we cannot accept Regional Center funding. The regional center requires and we must comply with providing proof that private insurance coverage has been exhausted and then if Regional Center has qualified the child for PT, OT, or Speech, we would then be able to accept Regional Center as a source of funding for our services.

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