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Oftentimes, it is difficult to find activities to do with your children that will suit their needs. Below are some museums, attractions, extracurricular activities, and sports programs that offer services that are either specifically suited to or inclusive of children with unique needs.







  • Shane’s Inspiration Playgrounds

    • “Designed to be accessible playgrounds and inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities to play along with typically-abled children”

  • Kids Like Me! At the Help Group

    • An extracurricular program open to the public that offers typical after-school activities like sports, art, dance and even specialties like film making. The objective of the program is to combine fun activities with a social skills based curriculum.

  • The Miracle Project

    • “The Miracle Project is a fully inclusive theatre, film, and expressive arts program for children, teens, and adults with autism and all abilities. Using groundbreaking and evidence-based methods developed by our award-winning founder, Elaine Hall, The Miracle Project focuses on the strengths and abilities inherent in its participants, providing tools to build communication, social skills, job skills, and friendships while developing a unique neurodiverse community.

  • Spectrum Laboratory​​

    • "​Education, entertainment and empowerment for the autistic and neuro-diverse communities through the arts. Developing professional skills, building social connections and self esteem while exploring passions and desires!​"
  • Art Music Play​

    • Adaptive piano lessons for children with Autism. "The major goal is not to train the student with autism into a professional musician, but to help him/her enjoy playing music, and be blessed by all the developmental benefits stated above. "

  • Rolling Robots

    • “We love robots. We dig kids. And we're inspired by the magic that happens when the two combine. Sparks fly… literally! Robots ignite the imagination of kids everywhere. They open the door to the world of technology through the universal language of FUN.”

  • The Children's Ranch

    • "The Children’s Ranch is an extra-curricular animal care-taking program for kids with learning, social/emotional and developmental challenges."​



  • Broadway Gymnastics Special Education Program

  • Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Special Education

  • AYSO Soccer

    • "AYSO is proud to offer a very special program for developmentally disabled children and adults. Our VIP (Very Important Player) program provides a safe, fun environment with trained coaches, VIP Buddies, and volunteers who facilitate an enriching experience that the players and their families will cherish forever."

  • Little League Baseball

    • "The Little League Challenger Division® was founded in 1989, and is Little League’s adaptive baseball program for individuals with physical and intellectual challenges."

  • Swimming Lessons at One with the Water

    • “Many parents struggle to find a swim-lesson provider who is the right fit for their child with special needs because it’s vital the provider is qualified, experienced, sensitive, and compassionate. At One with the Water, our mission is to provide everyone access to the life-giving skill of swimming, especially children and adults with high risk, and high needs, which is why we created the Dolphin Swim Program.”

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